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Change Day


We want to show off the fabulous work that goes on in our HSC everyday by everyone working within the system. #fabhsc16 is a way of celebrating this work, showing off the brilliance of those within the system and inspiring others to do the same.

What do you do?

Think about something you are currently involved in that is improving health and care services for your patients, service users, staff, or people in Northern Ireland. You might be a member of HSC staff or a member of the public who is involved in providing or supporting a service.

Using your Facebook or Twitter account on the 19th October 2016 tell us what you are doing and what it is improving using the hashtag  #fabhsc16. 

One short sentence is all that is required – a photograph would be an added bonus!

What will we do?

On the 19th of October the HSC Fab change day enthusiasts will retweet your messages so we have a big presence on social media – we may even get Northern Ireland HSC trending!

After the 19th October the Change Day folk in Northern Ireland will theme the responses and post them on the Change Day website so that people can connect with those working in areas of interest to them. We can all learn together, celebrate the brilliance of those within the HSC system and inspire each other to provide the best service possible! 

What is it all about?

In 2012 the NHS in England hosted its first NHS Change Day. This social media-based innovation was a huge success, with hundreds of NHS staff members, patients and volunteers submitting ‘pledges‘ to improve patient care within their health service.

HSC Change Day

Now Northern Ireland has its own day - HSC Change Day - that allows all interested parties to make their own celebratory slogan to celebrate care within the service that thousands of people rely on every day. Everyone connected to health and social care services in Northern Ireland - social workers, allied health professionals, nurses, doctors, students, pharmacists, managers, patients, dentists, and members of the public - can make a pledge to change for the better.

How is 2016 different?

Well, aside from our new colour (purple) and date (October rather than March) we have decided to open up the floor to a more positive change day in 2016.

At the time you make your pledge we want you to put what you are going to improve AND what is great about your area of the Health and Social Care system!

All you need to do is go to the 'Make a Pledge' using the link above and type in your pledge together with a sentence of what you think is great about your area of the HSC System. 

What resources are available to promote HSC Change Day?

You can use the 'downloads' page to download the most up-to-date resources. We have worked on as many posters as we can think of this year and provided some blank ones. If there are resources that you think are required, please do not hesitate to contact us using the 'Contact us' page link on the menu above.

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